Dolomiti Energia will work on business domain requirements and scenarios from the standpoint of the main water and multi-utility company in the area of Trento.

The requirements of the Future Internet will need to empower solutions for water management with respect to moutain areas and those present at Dolomiti Energia premises will be used as pilot indicators to facilitate the application of general solutions in the field.

Dolomiti energia will contribute to proof of concept definition for the water and enviroment scenario.
Dolomiti Energia is one of the largest multi-utility companies in Italy and leader in the Trentino Region. The group is present in over 200 municipalities and counts 1.100 employees. Dolomiti Energia has a consolidated value of production that amounts to 649 million euros in 2009.

Among the companies of the group, Dolomiti Energia is the parent company and provides:
  • shared services and administrative functions to the group,
  • covers electricity production (135 Gwh),
  • performs hydroelectric production through owned hydroelectric power plants, shareholding in Primiero Energia and also thermoelectric production, having shareholdings in Centrale del Mincio and Sarmato Energia.
Dolomiti Energia is also providing services that have relevant enviromental impact, in particular it covers:
  • urban hygiene (almost 80,000 tons/year of waste collected),
  • laboratory analysis (19,000 samples examined per year) and
  • performs transactions on the main regulated markets (green certificates, emission trading, Energy Efficiency Bonds, etc.).
A major player within the main group is Dolomiti Reti (100% owned), which provides:
  • gas distribution (266 million m3/year distributed),
  • co-generation and district heating (2 power plants producing 18MW, 85.9GWh of steam and 47.7 GW of heating and cooling) and covers the complete water cycle (82,000 utilities).
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General Responsible of the Hydric Service
Dolomiti Reti (gruppo Dolomiti Energia)
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38100 Trento - Tn, Italy
T+39 0461 362232
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